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Spacing Out!
  30th September, 2011
NeonPlat Stats So Far

Throwables : 3 (still the same 3!?)
Objects : 8
Baddies : 9
Bosses : 1
Background styles : 1.5! (first complete, 2nd half done but needs tweaked so everything isn't dodgy looking blue squares!)
Level types : 3'ish (depending on how I tweak the numbers)
Music : 2'ish (2 very similar tunes, and a separate "Boss Time" tune.)


I'm currently back to playing with the level generator thing, so that everything doesn't get strangely squished together like this..

which can get a little messy when you're trying to traverse a stage!

The game's still a little quirky, so it's going to take a bit of time to get everything formulated into proper levels, but so-far, so-good.
The addition of a boss gives things more of a progression, so that's a good thing.

Time to doodle some more bits and pieces!

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