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Ball Racers
17th July 2007  
Week 22 of the Wednesday Workshop was <a href="">Racing</a> week.

The first game I attempted was a UFO Fly game, the game you see entered.. But after I'd done that, I attempted a couple more engines.
#1 was a mess, and never really got anywhere. It was a nice graphical effect, but nothing more than that.

#2 however, was a Ball Bouncing AI Racing grand prix game!
Here it is, as it sits on my hard drive. Unlike last week I haven't bothered to neaten it up at all, and this is pretty much how I left it... And it's really unfinished, so there's no end to it.. Just keep floating away!
<img src="shots/exp-balls.gif">
Use the cursor keys to bound your way through the level. Start by pushing up, then right. But, obviously, don't get stuck in the roof!

<a href="/games/exp-balls.rar">A very strange game.</a>
Would it be worth finishing this one off?
No.. Probably not!

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New games every week!
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