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  26th October, 2011

Extra hats today!
I now need about 3 hats, and annoyingly I think I might need an extra bunch of baddies, which also means more hats!

Still, those can wait until after the Friday Beta.
The things that can't wait, are those annoying things that build and build, until you realise you don't really have a whole lot of time.



Within the next 24 hours, I need to do the following.
(this post will be copy+pasted to my todolist!)

1. Fix the "Game Over" screen, so it doesn't just go "Game Over" in the same way as every other game that I've made since Munky Train 2!

2. Add a "continue!?" screen, and some sort of option to continue or not. ? I'm thinking of a simple "left or right" platform thing, but I might attempt something quirky.

3. Deal with the concequences of a "continue" screen, including adding new badges, and marking the scoreboard to show continues.

4. Fix that really annoying bug that I found earlier today. GRRR!!! Stupid Amstrad CPC!!! ? (sorry!! ? I didn't mean that!!! ? You're a luvly Amstrad!)

5. Sort out the "smash" for the Blockman hat. ? It works well up until the point the player gets hurt.

6. Make the "om nom nom" hat more obvious, and possibly add a down thing. ? (for those playing the previous beta, you might notice that these last two items are no longer the same thing..)

7. Completely reorganise the scores, since they're still all chaotic and crazy. ? A total reworking, taking into account the different character difficulties and what it is you're hitting them with.

8. Some of the audio could do with some fixes, eg most of the bosses are going "eek eek", 'cos I lazily copy and pasted the "throw" bit from Munky.

9. Rewrite most of the readme file, to deal with all the new stuff. ? Oh blimey, that's a lot, and will also probably include...

10. Create a character-o-graphy, but probably do it really shittily because you're really rushing it at this point.
I might, instead, do it all in the credits, but then...

11. Since there's no proper Game Over yet, there's also no end credits yet, either. ? So that needs done, too.


12. ? Oh, fuck, and I've a newsletter to write for Friday, too...

36 hours.
Should be easy.

Yeah, that's all gonna happen, isn't it!

Pre-apologies to Friday's beta testers.. the "eek eek" may still be in there!!

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