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Before I could see it!
  1st November, 2011
Before I headed off to work, I made a new little video.
Or, rather, I tried to make a "little" video, yet it inexplicably ended up at over 300Mb!!!

So, with an approximate 450 Minutes remaining on the clock, I left for work, and the upload continued.

I'm now back from work, and 2 people have already commented on the video!

Awesome, folk are watching my silly vids
(and not ALL of the subscribers have turned out to be spambots!!)

View on YouTube


The calendar system is fantastic.
At first, the thought of having hundreds/thousands of randomly generated levels was perhaps a little daunting.
I've played loads of those.
My main issue is, they're somewhat unorganised.

Worms had a nice "type in a phrase" thing, and you could share your favourite phrases.
Lotus Esprit III (or was it II?) also had a "type in a word" type thing.
I enjoyed finding nice words, and playing with them, but it wasn't as if other folk were picking those same words, and enjoying the same levels.
They were "too" random.

Similarly, games with numerical seeds were also too random. Not only were they just numbers, they were numbers you were definitely going to forget!
The second you've lost your seed, you can forget about trying to tackle your latest highscore!
Gone forever..

A calendar, though..

With a nice grid of scores, and easy way to remember, and select new levels.
That seems to work a little nicer.
You can try out levels from your friends and family's birthdays.
Give it a whirl on public holidays.
And every single day, you get to play "today's" level, and it'll be different every day!

Later, you can easily find the levels you've already played, tackle their highscores, and see if you can complete them.
They're marked!
They each have their own little highscore table, and a set of little "Hat" collections.
Not only will you be collecting for the game as a whole, you'll also be attempting to collect all the hats in every level!

Of course, you don't have to do all that.
That's just random collecty stuff.
I'm not really bit into all that kinda garbage, myself, but.
I dunno.
It keeps on calling me!!

One I've finalised the game entirely, it'll be ready to start my collection properly.
It's currently being tweaked so much that I have to keep resetting everything. grrr!

I wonder how far the beta testers have gotten?

12 days to go!

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