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The end is near!
  3rd November, 2011
And I've still got a todo-list as long as my leg!!!

If I want a few people to beta-test the final-ish edition, that's gotta be done by about Wednesday, I think.
So, I have about 5 days or so to get everything done, now.
After that, hope for the best, and get everything bundled for the coming Sunday.


It doesn't really help that I managed to spend a good 4 hours, today, syncing up the end credits with the end credit music.
Probably should've hunted for some sort of music-beat-detection stuff, but I've tried things like that before, and they never quite happen that quickly!
If I DID attempt to find one, I guarantee it'd have taken me longer than 4 hours to find one and get it working.
... Then I'd STILL have to code the end credits!

Yeah.. probably best I didn't go hunting, really!

I still need to rewrite the credits. They're currently the exact same as they are in the titlescreen's sidebar, which isn't very fancy.
But I'm closer, and that's a good thing, right!?

Things to do.
The level titles aren't quite as nice as they should be, and need some kind of background to them.
I've got badges I've not integrated yet.
I have a bunch of extra tiles listed that I've not yet bothered to add..
Shadow1w2 is literally, as I write this, chipping in with all manner of crazy Date related ideas.

and then there's the "<-- Menu | Retry -->" thing..
The continue screen is still just a bit of text plopped on the screen. ... I feel like this needs to be something more, but I know that anything I come up with will pretty much be the same thing, but drawn!! Feels like a waste of time that could be spent elsewhere..
If I get 10 minutes, I'll attempt something nicer.

On with the code!!

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