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Beta Gone...
  6th November, 2011
I wasn't aiming to do the Final Beta until about Wed/Thursday this week.
Today, the Final Beta went out.
A few days early, but there was nothing more I could come up with.
The game is done.

There's been a few tweaks, today, to sort out a couple of beta-player's issues, and I've been fiddling with some of those slightly annoying things that I never got around to fixing.
.. but yeah, it's done.


Today I started banging my head on the desk, as I began the crazy insanity of converting all of this over to iOS.
The iOS one will not be anywhere near as simple as I was hoping it would be!
I'll be having to play with blending and sprite reductions, and all sorts, as well as trying to get all the images and sprites at the right size to look decent on the small screen.
Then there's the complexity to consider, especially when there's thumbs all over the screen.


I forgot how much I hated doing this..

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