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  8th November, 2011
I should've spent today doing more iDev.
I didn't.
Already I'm looking at the iDev stuff, and going "uuugh..."

Try again tomorrow.

Instead, I spent the day doing little tweaky bits and pieces to the game, again!

A subtle change, but one that was annoying me.
If the first folk are going to be getting this game on a Sunday, they'll probably want to start with something a little easier than a Boss-Filled Shorter Sunday game.
It's been bugging me for a while, that one!

I think (hopefully!) that the new Easy/Medium/Hard pointers along the bottom should help guide the player towards an easier level.

I've also done a handful of little tweaks, like...
Freeze and collect a pinko for 3 freeze-points..
Bosses can smash rainbows.
and, using a Retry no longer resets your score!
.. that last one was putting me off using my retrys, which was resulting in none-complete days on my board.

As you can probably see from the calendar, though, I've had a good play, today.. Consider that the board had to be reset again, yesterday, and those scores soon mounted back up!

We're nearly there! 5 days to go..

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