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26th December 2011  
Thankyou Santa!!

My issue with Super Mario 3D Land isn't the fact that it's in 3D.
My issue is with the fact that the gameplay's in 3D.

See, to me, SuperMarioLand was always a stripped down barebones edition of what made Super Mario Brothers great.

As you played through SuperMarioLand, you noticed all the shortcuts they took, like how the levels seemed to be on a bit of a loop, repeating in a strange fashion.
The whole game was fashioned to get as much out of the gameboy/cart's small memory as was possible, and they did a damned good job making it all work.


My play through Super Mario 3D Land so far has felt.. wrong..

It's less MarioLand, and more Mario 3D.

Perhaps I shouldn't be looking at it as "Super Mario Land : 3D", and instead looking at it as "Super Mario 3D : Land"
In the same way that I have an odd JNKPlat vs Platdude set of rules, the whole difference between the 3D and Land thing seems to work out if the title is read in that mindset.
To be fair, that's probably why they called it that in the first place.

Am I enjoying Super Mario 3D Land?
.. probably as much as I enjoyed Super Mario Sunshine/Galaxy, but definitely not as much as Super Mario 3D.

I'd still have preferred something old fashioned and 2D.

.. Oh, and I'd also have preferred the A=Jump, B=Dash button layout.
My thumb can happily roll between those, so I can keep B held, and roll to jump.. Whereas I have to do some kind of a weird pivot-thing with the Y/B layout. Doesn't work as nicely. They usually give you an option. Is there an option? I might have to read a manual for that.. .. I shouldn't have to read a manual...

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