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Early morning coding
8th January 2012  
I was absolutely shattered, when I got home from work last night.
I tried to watch an episode of House, but gave up halfway, and zonked out by about 11'ish.

Probably didn't do me much good, then, to have woken up at half one in the morning, and spent the next 4 hours coding away.


Tuesday's AGameAWeek is done, so I now pretty much get the weekend off from having to worry about it.
I might, then, spend a few hours kicking BlitzMax up the arse, in a desperate attempt to make it somehow vaguely useable on the Mac again.
Ever since the "Upgrade"(?) to Lion, BlitzMax has been crashing all over the damned place.
Every time I hit F5 it goes "Compiling : Executing : BORKED!!!", which is one of the most annoying things ever, especially when the "BORKED" bit occasionally leaves my Mac unusable for about 2 minutes while everything crashes good and proper..

Windows coding sessions, followed by brief compiles on the Mac, seems to be my only current way forward. If you have a Mac, I'd love to know how this game is (or isn't) running on your system, because if it's not, we're going to be having problems as we move forward.

So, today's task will involved shouting and kicking and punching BlitzMax.
A lot!

Tuesday : A game with a unicycle!
(and it's a lot better than last week's!!)

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