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Y4W2 : The Unijuggler
9th January 2012  

A nice and simple "Highscore" game.
Keep the Unijuggler's balls afloat, and if you're feeling lucky, you can try forging ahead for some distance points, too!

A much better game than last week's awful mess, and it's even using some horrible little programmer art for the clown! I think I managed to pull that off, though, so that's ok!

Ducks are worth more, but their quacking will probably drive you mental!

To get some distance, try to keep yourself at a steady pace, and it's probably best to stick to one ball at a time. Tricky to pull off a good distance, but it'll give you a nice score.

Post your scores below!

You can Download The Unijuggler here for Windows and MacOSX (Linux to come, and MacOSX may be broken.. let me know if it is!!)

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