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Y2:W2 - Tetripong
  25th August, 2009
A few weeks ago, someone who obviously hadn't played Centipong enough to enjoy it, decided to complain away on the comments.

Shitterwing's complaint was as follows
Omfg! I'd rather play Pong against Tetris (untahris), than th1s th1ngy

Now, I don't mind complaints, but there's two things wrong with that complaint.
1. But... Centipong kicks ass!!!!
2. Pong vs Tetris? WTF is that!?

I googled, but could only find a rubbish little java game, where you desperately try to hit the ball at the same time as making tetris blocks line up.
..Nah, that can't be how you do it!

Surely there must be a better version of Pong vs Tetris.

And, here's the result.

View on YouTube

Play Tetris, "avoid" destruction, get what you can before you're dead!
(. .. um, sorry Phoenix, I forgot to add Block-Hitting in! Maybe next time!)

You can Download Tetripong Here, smash!!!

No online highscores. I was going to, but didn't want to have 250+different boards!!

AGAW stuff : 2 weeks, 2 games.. Woot!

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