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11th January 2012  
Another day, another install..

About 12 months ago, my bedroom PC basically crapped it's pants, and became an inexplicably unusable box that sat in the corner of the room.
Knowing I'd need to format, I hunted for the Vista install disc, then remembered that..
A) Vista didn't bloody well come with one (Buying from Comet would've been handy, there!)
B) It'd been ages since I'd bought any blank DVDs

Still, I had a Mac, so sod it!!


Last month, I was forced to upgrade the Mac to OSX Lion.
Since then, BlitzMax has become unusable, XCode's being a bitch, and .. quite frankly, that £30 OSX update hasn't actually done anything useful whatsoever.
Thanks, Apple!

Yesterday, I bought that blank DVD, and set off a Vista Download..
Today, I installed Windows Vista.
Note : Legitimately!!! I used the Vista key that's still stuck on the side of the PC. The damn companies will happily give you a key to use, just not a bloody disk that would ever actually make use of that key.. DERP!!

The basics are reinstalled, and I've spent most of today getting my network up and running again.
BlitzMax is in, GLBasic is in, Fruityloops is in, and then tomorrow I'll keep hitting the Mac until either BlitzMax does what it's supposed to, or I go completely mental and finally switch over to GLBasic.

.. and then I figured I should test GLBasic's iPhone compiler.
... and then I remembered my iPod updated itself the other day.
.... and then I realised I'd have to reupdate XCode so it could recognise the iPod.
And then I screamed a bit and decided to write this rant.

Everything used to work!!!!

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