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Didn't I do this before?!
15th January 2012  

Today, I'm continuing to build a framework for my iOS games.

You might've noticed that I've started a buttload of iOS games, lately, and yet I haven't finished any of the things..
I've noticed that, too, and quite frankly it's getting to be a bit of a joke.


I keep getting stuck in annoying fiddly corners, and the games are ending up unfinished as a result.
NeonPlat Adventures, for example, is currently at the "Oh, ffs, this Calendar's REALLY TICKING ME OFF!" point.
The 4-Game bundle doohickey has a totally messed up GameCenter system. It was also supposed to be easier because I could get away with littler games, but all those littler games just feel nasty and unfinished (much like most of the AGameAWeek games!) and I'm not really happy about making people pay for those.

It's all a great big mess, and I'm not happy at all.

New Year, New Start.
A new framework has been built up, a nice menu system is about 40% complete, and I'm currently fiddling about with the GameCenter stuff. I won't begin any games until that's damn well working!!!

Meanwhile, the menu background is actually a reuse from the rejigged AGameAWeek menu.. If you open last week's Unijuggler game, head into the files/286 folder, you'll find a menu.png image which consists of a background, a middle bit, and a foreground, followed by a 4th tile for occasional extra bits.
Both the desktop and iOS games can now use those images, as well as the exact same logo.png, too.. This will help two things.. 1) My menus look 3% better, and 2) I can be 3% lazier!

OK.. back to GameCenter coding. *nnngh*

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