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Y4W3 : Shift Clues
17th January 2012  
It's another uninteresting game this week, so apologies if you just plain hate it!

It's not bad, it's just not good, either!

I've always hated sliding block puzzles.
I think it's from childhood where you'd unwrap a gift that looked like a nice new Amstrad Cassette, but instead turned out to be just another rubbish plastic slidey thing.
.. yeah, that's probably why!

For some strange reason, though, I can't seem to get sliding puzzles out of my head, lately. Every time I sit idly with my iPhing in my hand, I find myself considering some sort of slidey game for it.
I've been pondering this game for a long long time, and for a little while, this week, I thought it might've been this game.
Then I coded this game, and went "nah, that's not it!"
Still, here it is.

You start with a timer, and a selection of blocks with references on them.
You have to shuffle them about, place them to the points they're telling you to, but also try to remember where it is that each one goes, without getting all confused!

Is it tricky? It is on Hard mode, but probably not on the other two.
Is it good? .. I guess it depends on whether you actually like slidey block puzzle games.
I think my pre-biased hatred is putting me off, so you'll have to let me know!

You can Download Shift Clues here for Windows, and again a very dodgy version for Mac. Still haven't sorted that, yet. Had no time!!
Linux can wait until I've got a fully working Mac.. damn thing's ticking me off enough, right now!

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New games every week!
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