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19th January 2012  
Bah.. I knew that'd happen..
As soon as AGameAWeek kicked back into action, the "Daily Blog" would take a bit of a fall.

I'm trying to keep up, though! Honest!!


This week's been pretty eventful.
For starters, I got something finally working on the iOS side of things.

Although it doesn't actually seem like a lot, the following screenshot contains the nice change.

This won't be appearing on your iPhing any time soon, though. It's such a subtle change that it's probably not really worth sticking it online at all. Or rather, I'd prefer not to post an update, and have "highscores now contain names, and I've added a link to buy more of my games." as the update's description.
That's a bit shit.
Updates oughta have something more awesome!!

SpikeDislike will be updated once I can think of something neat to add that doesn't simultaneously destroy any point of making a sequel.

I used SpikeDislike because of the way Apple built GameCenter, making it damn near impossible to actually test things as you're developing your game.
Trying to make multiple highscore tables with usernames, alongside a "Worldwide / Friends" option is a complete bitch to do when the highscore table doesn't exist, and nobody's played your in-development framework because it's not even something that's playable.
I had to do some really quirky shit to figure all that out, and will be crossing my fingers on release day, hoping it doesn't all go tits up!

Anyhoo, GameCenter's done, (*hopefully) and is now properly wrapped inside the framework so that all future games will, at the very least, contain a nice "top 5" scoreboard with names, and the option to see just your friends. (and the lazyman's "just use the app if you want more detail" way of doing anything else!)

Tomorrow I can hopefully start work on actually coding a game to go into the new framework!
..well, I say tomorrow, but I've also started work on next Tuesday's game at the same time.
"Kee, Bo & Ard, Too" needs some proper levels, so that's the next task on the list.
'tis a busy week!!

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