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Codas : Ye Olde Sitcom..
22nd January 2012  
News, today, of a new Sitcom under development at HBO.
HBO are converting Indie Game The Movie into a sitcom!
A sitcom based on a bunch of videogame developers?
How on earth would THAT work!?!


Long before AGameAWeek, I was ever so slightly bored!
I guess I've always had a strange desire to do something stupidly frequently, and for quite a while I decided it'd be a great idea to write a strange sort of sitcom, daily.

Yeah, bit of a bad idea.
But I gave it a shot, and it kinda happened.

A strange little sitcom appeared online, and managed to just about struggle through it's 120+ episodes, plodding along with silly observations, and not really much else.

Each 5kb text file was a little 5'ish minute episode, which occasionally contained a little bit of humour. sometimes.. maybe..
It's a bit crappy, to be honest, and I'm not really all that proud of it, but it's something that I've continued to look back at with an odd smirk on my face.
You'll probably also notice the odd reference to Codas if you hunt around a few of my games. It's part of my past, and it's always great when I can pop it in somewhere.

Dave : I need to figure out why this thing isn't compressing files as well as, say, Winzip, even though both my program and that are compressing the same file using the same compression method.
Green : In what way?
Dave : Well, look. If we look at the two files, side by side, you can see, just by their filesizes that there's a difference.

[Green examines the screen.]

Green : It's two bytes difference!
Dave : Exactly.
Green : Does it make a difference?
Dave : It must do! It's two whole bytes.
Green : But. Are they compatible? Will your file un-zip with Winzip?
Dave : Yeah.
Green : So. Erm. What exactly is the problem?
Dave : They're different. The two files are different!
Green : But does it really matter?
Dave : It matters to me!
Green : Well. There's your problem then!
Dave : What d'you mean?
Green : You're too damn picky, Dave.

If you're bored, you can download the whole lot of it, right here..
It's a great big zip file, containing 124 regular length episodes, and 1 super-sized "movie", all in a nice DRM Free ".txt" format!


There's also a bonus additional playable demo thing that I half started, but never really finished at all.

The game started as something insanely different, a point'n'click "storybook" game that was created for a competition at RetroRemakes.. I ran out of time for the compo (had about a day left but hardly any gameplay), then found a bug in someone else's game and decided to go nuts, rushing this entirely different game out within about an hour..

If I'd've started off doing this a Codas game, it'd have turned out much better.
D'oh! Lesson learned..
(although, it was 5 years ago, and I've not really learned a damn thing!)

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