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Y4W4 : Key Bo and Ard, too!
24th January 2012  

A sequel for this week's AGameAWeek!

I've been thinking about Key, Bo and Ard since I popped them into NeonPlat Adventures a few months back, so I finally sat down to build this nice new puzzler.

Last time around, the player had to switch between the three players, and shift them around crumbling floors.

This time, there's no switching!
The player needs to shift all three characters at once, which can occasionally lead to complications.
Careful out there!!

You can Download "Key, Bo and Ard, too" here for Windows, and the dodgy half-assed Mac edition that keeps crashing all the time.. Still not fixed that bug, yet. sorry.

* Additional : Ask if you want more.. I kinda like this one, and may even attempt an iOS one.
* Additional : Is it Kee or Key? I can't remember, and keep flipping between the two! I'm sure he doesn't mind!
* Additional : I left the default nondescript description in again.. bugger.. need to make that more obvious, so I do it better!

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New games every week!
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