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Y2:W3 - Painter
1st September 2009  
Many many years ago (about 20?!) I played a game called Painter on a mate's BBC Micro.
Haven't played the thing since, but what the hey, here's the "Done in a day" remake!

I had intended to do a bigger project, and in fact that project is nearly done, but the lack of time made me postpone the larger project for a week, while it all gets done.
So, quicky game this week.


I must admit, I'm quite proud of it, considering I started it less than 24 hours ago!
A few little effects make it look like a bigger game than it really is, but mostly it's a simple little game.

Paint the tiles, squish the annoying cleaner, and avoid the spikey things.

Nothing complex!

I've not bothered to add online highscores, though. Even though it should be easy to do, it's also really easy to cheat the game, so. Wouldn't really be that fair!

Still, it's a fun little game for 10 minutes..
There's 16 level maps, and then it wraps back around to level 1's map but with more baddies.
Then it keeps on going round and round until you're dead! Yeay for death!!

You can Download Painter here

AGAW Scoring : 3 weeks, 3 games, good score!!

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