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3rd September 2009  
I'd better get this game done, this week! It's getting a wee bit unruley. I need to pull in the ideas a bit and just get the game finalised.

Today I've been playing with the map again.


The image above will be the displayed ingame map, with all the little towns being the lumpy bits.

As you can tell, it's a teensy bit bigger than the last Quest game, whose map is overlayed in the middle for comparison.
Additionally, the little towns are a lot more compact, so things should play a little quicker.

At this point there are NO additional characters, although that might change as things go on in the week. I'm hoping that random fights, and a crapload of collectables will keep the game flowing enough, but if it doesnt. Well, Guess I'm gonna have to start designing!

So, map's done, fights are written (but not put in yet), and the city's looking half complete.
I've a few more city designs to draw up (each city should have it's own look, but I might skip out on that bit!!) and then give it a few plays.

If all goes well, this game oughta be with you on Tuesday!

And it has no name yet!

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