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Y4:W6 - Snaked Up
7th February 2012  

Last weekend, most of the developers on the internet took part in the great big Global Game Jam, whereby everyone settled down to a nice long weekend of coding, all based on the same topic.
Think of it as Ludum Dare, but with a slightly different name.

The game topic was to build a game where a snake eats it's tail, and plenty of games were made with that in mind.

I was at work, as per usual.


Of course, that didn't mean that I didn't have an idea for a game.
So with about 3 or 4 days of a half-baked plan bubbling about in my head, I figured what the hey, and I started a Snake game.

Turns out, that probably wasn't such a good idea!

I think, in all honesty, I've done one (or 50) too many snake games.

What started off as a "It would be nice to have a specific path" thought, quickly changed due to the painfully dull/ludicrously difficult nature of that plan! It kinda worked in Blockman Gets, but that game had a "tap to move" control scheme. Snake doesn't.
Instead, the Snake constantly found itself bashing into walls, all the time.
So, I tried to remove the wall collisions and subtract hits from the score. That kinda works, too, but by this point the game was a lost cause.

I plodded ahead, finished it off, and now it's posted, but it's definitely not the best game I've done.
Not by a long shot!

Move, Eat, Don't Eat Yourself.
Job done.

You can Download Snaked Up here for Windows and Mac. Let me know if the Mac one works, now.. I think it should, but I've no Leopard to test it with!

(and before you ask.. No!!.. I can no longer remember why I called it Snaked Up!!)


Speaking of Game Jam, the PlayMyCode guys managed to make a lovely Minigame collection. Ourobo Ware. Great stuff!

PlayMyCode no longer functions

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