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Couple of notes.. Spambots!!
6th September 2009  
If you're russian and you're actually realistically posting something, stick a little bit of english in there, so I can tell! There's over 100 bits of spam in russian, in my akismet filter, and I can't tell what's real and what isn't.. so.. It's all gonna go, 'cos I can't be bothered google-translating each and every bit of spam!!

Tracking Back to Spam

Spambots are getting rather complex, and even worse are those horrible nasty little websites that take rss feeded news from the net, repost it, send trackbacks all over the damn net so you accidentally get them a better pagerank, they end up higher on google searches, and then everyone clicks them giving them advertising revenue.

I'm sure you've gotten as teed off at them as I have, lately, and it's even worse when you have to pluck the good from the bad on your own damn site.

If you've got a crappy ye-olde trackback system, do the right thing. Get rid of it, and try actually posting something like "Hey, I posted your game on my site 'here'" because otherwise I'm going to be deleting all trackbacks that look spammy.

If your trackback is copy+pasted from your own page, it'll probably go, unless I can tell that you've bothered to create the post in the first place.
If your page contains more than 3 google adverts, it'll more than likely go too.
If your page contains more than 1 stupidly annoying flash advert, it'll also mysteriously vanish.

I don't mind a little give and take, so long as I'm 100% sure you're not just in it to rip me off and take a little cash for yourself, even though I get no money for doing this..

Bad Page
No link to my site, not bothered to name me or my site, no credit to me at all, no link to my download, hosts the file themselves so that no-one will get the slight update I posted the other day, couldn't be arsed to take their own video, or screenshots, or anything..

The lazy fucking spambots.

Enjoy Tetripong!!
Some kind of Yahtzee coming on Tuesday. Dunno if you'll like it! Heck, not even sure how playable it'll be, myself, yet!

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