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Y2:W4 - Y-Box
8th September 2009  
I was struggling to come up with an interesting game, this week, when my Mum decided to show me her latest highscore on Yahtzee.
New idea!

So, I stuck the dice into a grid, and called it YBox.


I'm kinda limiting my audience, this week. I know that people really hate my word/dice games, but what the heck. I love 'em!

You get one single Roll, right at the start of the game, and a batch of cards.
Each card contains one of the regular yahtzee type of scoring methods, from 3-of-a-kind, to straights, and yahtzees, and even the single numbers.

Place the dice in the best layout you can, then top them up with the cards to earn the points.
You can also set the time limit for your game, too.

In the harder modes, either the cards or the dice are stationary, to get you thinking a little more.
In addition, the harder modes also take away points for any Dice that have remained in play, but haven't had any scores attached to them. It makes things even more complex, and potentially more fun!
Assuming you had fun in the easy mode!!

You can Download Y-Box here and see how many points you can get.

AGAW Scoring thingumy : 4 weeks, 4 games, doing fine!

Standard Engine tweaks
We've gone back to the "badge jingle" for the opener, since that seems to work nicely.
I've even gotten rid of BlitzBass for this week's game, but only because it has no music at all!
The Tetripong Menu layout seemed to work nicely, so that's also been dumped into the standard engine. Look forward to more from that.
Badges seem to be all but ignored at this point.. never seem to have time to do those, do I!

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New games every week!
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