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Lots to do, but which to do?
10th September 2009  
The big-ass catalogue is now up to 68 games, and I've reached a bit of a stumbling block.

If you search for "multiple games", you'll find a few games that have more than one internal game.
Today I'm tweaking the engine so that it counts each of those seperately inside the nice ever growing total.

I wasn't going to do that, at first, but then I came across Platdude's Retro Collection, and decided to do it.
It'd be a shame to have PRC counted as only 1 game when it so obviously contains around 20 or so different little games inside it. Pacman, Space Invaders, Asteroids, and a whole bunch more would all be confined to one single little slot.
What's the point in that!?

So, new feature is currently being worked on, and PRC will be added to the list shortly.
Meanwhile I figured I might as well carry on adding to the list, and as a result, RPG is again being put off.

Add to that the fact that Beatles Rock Band oughta be posted through my door yesterday, I'm on imminent-new-game-stand-by mode.. So, not really getting much work done

Oh well!

This week's AGameAWeek can be the catalogue, right?!
Let's pretend I haven't launched it yet, and make a bigger deal over it on Tuesday!!

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