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No Game.. Probably..
  13th September, 2009
I'm sat here at 11pm on Sunday night, trying to think of a game for Tuesday.
It's not happening..

I've spent all week long adding games to the archive. That's to say, I've spent all week playing all my old games, and having a whale of a time..
I guess that has a disadvantage, being that I haven't coded jack all, all week.
Oh well.
We can miss one, right?

Just means I need to make up for it next week.
Can't have the ratio dropping!


The Jayenkai Archive (new name) is now up to 116 games and counting.
There's 165 if you include all the subgames, like the 4 in Future Classics, the half-dozen in Typing Arcade, the 18 in Platdude's Retro Collection (DS), and a few others like that.

So, yeah.. that collections getting on quite nicely, and I've not even hit the pre-Wednesday-Workshop days, yet. So, still have plenty of Space Monkeys, JNKCar?, oLEMpics, 3 or 4 more JNKPlat attempts, A couple of Fruit Machines, Juggler, Green's 8-bit collection, and a whole bunch more.

... Gotta sort out the Amiga stuff, too, somehow.. Hmm...

Mmm.. Invisible Munky...

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