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Y2:W5 - No Game..
15th September 2009  

I was thinking of doing some sort of fruit machine thing, but I didn't really have any kind of plan for it, so it didn't really get off the ground.
Poor thing.

Maybe this week for that?
Or the RPG!
Oops, forgot about that!
It's getting the Patent Wars treatment!

As you all know I've been working on The Jayenkai Archive this week, and it's looking pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. A few more little tweaks and it all should be suitable for any new games I create.
Although, I did forget to save a plain version of the "Windows/NDS/J2ME" buttons, so I'll probably have to redraw all them when I get around to adding more systems. Whoopsy!

Since there's no new game this week, I've decided to instead draw your attention to a few games you might not have seen before.
(Using the archive, of course!)


Get the stickman to the library to return his books.
A silly short game, doodled!


A great little puzzler that I've attempted to update on more than one occasion. But usually fail horrifically.
This version's short and sweet, and it manages to pull it off.

Greenie's Gameboy Adventure

And here's another example of simpler=better.
Once again I've worked away trying to redo this game, but it usually ends up horribly wrong.
Not sure why, but it works fine in Gameboy mode!

7 Games in 7 Days

If you think AGameAWeek is crazy.. Well.. it's not!
7 silly little remakes within the space of a week, including the first super-fast version of Greenie - The Helecopter Hero

And lastly, Plattings

Man, I completely forgot I'd made this one!
It's Lemmings, only much much shorter.

AGAW Score : 5 weeks, 4 games, booo...

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