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Y2:W6 - Webding Fighter!
22nd September 2009  
Trying to add puzzle elements into a shoot-em-up never seems to work out as well as the idea in your head.
I should know that by now!
And yet, this week, that's what I tried to do.


What I've ended up with is a plain dull rubbish shoot-em-up with crazy scoring that's hard to figure out.
Shoot the webdings, but try not to kill too many folk along the way.
Save people by flying into them.

There's a mild logic to the game, but .. In the end, you just wind up shooting like a crazy munky and hoping for the best.

'tis a shame that it didn't work out any better.

Oh well, sometimes that happens, and you have to give up and move on.

You can Download Webding Fighter here, play it for about 10 minutes, then forget all about it.

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