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Y2:W6X - JNK Sokoban Mobile
22nd September 2009  
Having done the DS and Windows editions of JNKSokoban and since the shooty game wasn't really happening, I figured, what the hey, might as well do a phone Sokoban, too.

(hmm.. I never did release the DS one, did I!?)

So, here's the phone one..

Googlespurt : Download free java J2me game puzzle cookie viewty yeay amazing fantastic!

Onscreen controls for Touchscreen folk, and it'll accept d-pad for those who have it. (Although you DO need touchscreen to pick a level!! D'oh!)

There's no screen shifting, nice scrolling, or anything like that, though, so if you don't have at least a 240x320 display, you're going to be missing some stuff!
Other than that there's a plain-ass frontend and that's about it.
Nothing special.
Just Sokoban.

Known to be compatible with LG Viewty KU990 and LG Cookie KP500, because those are the phones that I have!

If you're J2ME compatible, you can Download JNK Sokoban for your Mobile here and shove the .jar file somewhere useful.

You can also Vote and Comment on this game @ The Jayenkai Archive

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