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2012 Framework
  5th January, 2013
You didn't get to see a lot of the BlitzMax template, last year, but if you'd like to try your hand at rapid game-dev, you might like to have a peek at it's contents.

If you're a BlitzMax owner, this might be useful to you... maybe.. but you'll have to wrap your head around my coding style, first!

Template - 2012 - Download Here
Soon, hopefully, there'll be a Template - Monkey - 2013, but that's annoyingly a long way off, yet.

Meanwhile, let's discuss this one.-=-=-

. Tab-Menu. Hit Tab at any moment to bring down the menu, allowing control redefinition, resolution changes, and more. This is all "just done", and you needn't really worry about any of it.
. Scoreboard/Graph. So long as you keep updating the "Score" variable, the framework will handle the scoreboard. It'll also do the nice graph, so players can see how shit they're getting!
. Jay's Music Engine. If you can figure it out, it's all in there!
. Wordlist. This, too, is in there! Lets you check words against a wordlist!
. Sprite Engine. Nice and shiny! Not the best, but works.

How to Use...
Scroll right down to the bottom of the file to find the "PlayGame" function.
The main loop in there is your game.
Delete the silly swirling pattern, stuff your own game in there, and .. well.. that's about it!
Write a quick game, save as you go, compile, zip it up, job done.

If you need a different looking menu, change menu.png. Nice and simple.

Template - 2012 - Download Here

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