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1st October 2009  
Friday 25th of September 2009 12:15:21 AM
Name : Thunderskull 4024
Idea : Sokoban-like game with hex-based grid.

OK, first off, not really sure what all the loving of Hexagons is about, but the word Hex is in the suggestion bag about 20-odd times!
People appear to really like Hexagons!
The Hexagonal Maze is in the archive. It's a half assed game, but I like it.

Sokoban kinda needs specific controls, since you have to be able to move exactly where you want to, when you need to..

Unless I make the controls something like this, then it's going to be hard to control.
And even then, it's still going to be hard to control!

So, probably not.
If I can come up with something, I will do.
Onto the next thought.

(from the same suggestion!)
Friday 25th of September 2009 12:15:21 AM
Name : Thunderskull 4024
Idea : Another idea: EvilBricks - a monkey climbs up/down the ladder on the right side and shoots bricks into a chain of bricks, 4 one-colored bricks in a row disappear, if bricks smash a banana - game is over. (second idea is Zuma-like, DS version might sell well if you give it to PopCap)

Whinge out of the way first.
If anyone's making cash out of my game, it'll be me.
The thought of me sitting here writing AGameAWeek, and then bastardised PopCap ("we'll make profit so you don't have to") ripping me off is enough of a reason for me to completely avoid any game that has their logo on it.

The gameplay idea isn't too bad, but it's one of those ideas where Munky isn't really involved. That'd be the exact same game if it were a gun shooting bricks. Or a paddle hitting bricks. Or anything with bricks!
If Munky wants in, he has to pick up the Brick, and do something interesting in the environment.

So, what can Munky do?
Well, for a while I considered a proper level, with ladders around, and a few bricks. But.
We've done that.
Connecting coloured blocks has been done to death.
What else is there?

What if there's one munky, and one brick.
Munky would have to get around the level using the brick in different scenarios.

At this point, I'm thinking of Portal's Companion Cube, and so that's kinda what I drew.
I'm not 100% sure what to do with it, and I haven't actually drawn or thought of anything else yet! Obviously, if I'm going the Portal path, then I'll need big red buttons, big grey doors, and maybe some cutey robot turrets.

But.. I don't want to end up with Portal, and I'm probably not going to make a portal gun.


I dunno, this game could go either way right now.
All I have is the jelly filled cube, and we'll see where it goes from there.

It'll definitely have a Munky, though!

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