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Things I've Already Done
  15th January, 2013

You might recognise that little icon.
Redrawn in super-high-definition (128x128 pixels!) for iPad Retina display, or other high-def displays.
I'm currently halfway through adding in the Pause menu, with appropriate Quit, Audio, and other functionality.
It's tricky doing it in Monkey, because I have to not only think about the iPhings with their none-buttons, and multi-touch, but also consider keyboard and mouse functionality, as well as what might happen if someone's using a joypad, or even an iCade! And then there's all the different screen resolutions, and even the different orientations, too.
Lots to think about...

Lots to do.

And a heck of a lot of piddly little icons to redraw, so they look nice on an iPad!

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