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Bitmap Font
  17th January, 2013
Today I took some time to build a Bitmap Font Creator, and a way to implement them into the new Monkey framework. It didn't actually take as long as I was expecting, but there was one marginal stumbling block along the way.

I had originally intended to have all the character widths outputted to nice data files, so that the fonts would be nice and neat when displayed. Unfortunately, that didn't quite go to plan, as Monkey doesn't have such a great filesystem access method, quite yet.
A shame, but no matter, I can deal with Monospaced fonts! They're nothing new! All my iOS games have them, already!!

So, with a little rejigging, the bitmap fonts are now in the engine, and quite neatly done, too, if I do say so myself.
They even cope with "~n" newlines, too!

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