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Monkey Progress : Added Scores
  20th January, 2013
Deary me, this took some doing!!

Today's additions might not look like much, but bloody hell was it tricky to add!

Here's the complicated stuff.
For starters, Monkey gives you a whopping ONE variable to save.
Now, keep in mind that I tend to give players a highscore table, and a bunch of gameplay difficulties, each with it's own table.
.. and one variable to save it all to!
Then you add on your Badges, up to 256 of the things because that's a nice neat figure, and then all your ingame settings.
Oh boy!
One variable, eh!?

.. and then, as I finally settled on a nice method, I had to scrap half of it and redo-from-start, because I realised that any updates, and extra gameplay additions, would totally mess up the previous scores.
In all, it's taken about 2 hours to get that working, and then I had to rejig my Text function because it wasn't quite aligned correctly for some reason.

.. still, looks good, seems to work nicely, and the checksums seem to keep everything in check, without breaking when I add and remove other bits and pieces.

All is working nicely, and should be reasonably futureproof, until I come up with some sort of even stupid game that breaks all of the logic!
... and don't get me started on Level Editing. I haven't a smegging clue what I'm going to do about that!

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