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Monkey Progress : The Tough Stuff
  25th January, 2013
I've been delaying a large list of things, but as I continue to make great strides with Monkey, those tough bits are getting ever so close.
Here's what needs doing, as well as explanations as to why they're tough..
(Note : Very waffley, and probably not all that interesting!)

1. Accelerometer Support.
This isn't "Tough", so much as "Awkward to test".
See, the thing is, I'm coding on a Windows Laptop, not on the Mac. So, to test the Accelerometer stuff, I need to switch to the Mac. I'm comfy on the sofa with the laptop, and it's too bloody cold to switch, just yet! So far, the Mac has only been used for quick test compiles, and thankfully Monkey's happily played along.
Further testing will be done once it starts getting warmer/comfier!

2. GameCenter Support.
Eeek. This is a toughy. The thing with GameCenter is that I'll need to tweak the target code, and that'll probably get erased every time there's a new version of Monkey out. *sigh*
Again, will require I grab my quilt, wrap up warm, and brave the cold to use the Mac

3. iOS Orientation Issue
If you've been keeping an eye on the screenshots, you've probably noticed that all the iOS ones have been in Portrait.
I need to figure out why that is, and how I can quickly switch it.
Similarly, the framework is *still* not working right on iPhone5 resolution, instead sticking at the old iPhone4 resolution, and being given black bars at the top and bottom.
Again, though, this is a cold-room issue, and not one I'm ready to deal with, just yet!

4. Music
I'm still undecided whether I'm going for a cheap "Shove an MP3 on it" option, or bothering to rebuild my entire Pseudo-Random Music Engine thing.
Given the issues I'm having with file-access, I think I'll be lazy and stick with MP3s. You never know, though, I might rebuild the music engine at a later date!

5. Multiple Resolutions
This doesn't appear to be something that's easily achievable. I've not really looked into it, yet, but it's not looking good!
I HAVE got multiple resolutions working nicely in HTML5, though. That works nicely. Just the actual native Win/Mac versions that are having issues with it.

Maybe I'm overthinking a lot of these.
Perhaps, once I get going, I'll find them to be nice and simple, but a couple of them are giving me a cause for concern.
I'm especially not looking forward to battling with GameCenter again. .. I've done that once before! It wasn't fun!!

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