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Y2:W14 - Firework Chaos
  17th November, 2009
Last week was Bonfire Night in the UK, and as such RetroRemakes.com had a little challenge. (They've started to do a monthly challenge..) Create a game/story/etc with Fireworks in it.

Here's my game.


Simple rules, it's a bit like Missile Command.
Rocks will fall from the sky, and you need to blow them up using your fireworks.
They're colour co-ordinated, though, so only red will destroy red rocks, etc.

Your game continues until you've allowed 3 rocks to hit the ground.

A simple game, but one that nearly didn't happen.
At 11pm last night, the game still wasn't really that interesting, but with a little speeding up, and a nice skyline backdrop, the game soon started to fall into place.
And sound helps a lot!

You can Download Firework Chaos here, and get your online scores rolling in. Jay Archive link

Abandoned idea : I was going to have the fireworks popping, in the same way they do in those silly marble (get 3 next to each other, they go, more marbles) games.
(You know the ones.. There's about 50 of them, they all have drastically different names that all sound interesting, then you load them up and go "Oh, ffs, it's this again!!" and develop a slight hatred towards PopCap games as a result...)

The idea slightly worked, but it became annoying that you couldn't always grab the firework that you needed, because it was mid-"smash" at the time.
Well, that and the fact that all the exploding caused the screen to go a little bit white

AGAW Scoring : 14 weeks, 14 games, not doing too bad, but I'd like to get my ratio up a bit so I can maybe take a couple of weeks off over Xmas!! Eeek, getting a bit close, there!!

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