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Y5:W12 - JMTrackr
19th March 2013  
Before anyone complains, no, this is not a game!
This week's release is a "Utility!" ooooh!
Don't worry, I won't be making a habit out of this.
To be honest, I was kinda expecting to be able to half-ass a game, this week, but I've spent so much time on this, that I just didn't get around to it.

No matter, this is a silly little plaything, and if you're even slightly musically capable you'll probably get a kick out of it.


The file comes with three main parts.
Part one is the Tracker. This is the main bit that will keep you occupied for a few minutes.
That's inside BlitzMax_Tracker/ folder.
In there is a nice simple JMTrackr.exe file. Run that, have a play.
Place notes and drums with your keyboard, hit Space to play, or Ctrl+Space to "Play Random!"
This YouTube video might help you along.

If you're a coder, you might be interested in the other two parts.
Part one is in the same folder. Demo.bmx is a very simple bit of code that shows you how to get the JMTrackr engine up and running inside your own BlitzMax game.
The BMax engine isn't up to much, though. it's merely there because it can be there!
Instead, Part Three is slightly more important.

Part Three is in the Monkey_Player/ folder, and shows you how to use the JMTracker files within Monkey.
This has been the whole point of me creating this new music format.
From here onwards, I can use the simple tracker to create a piddly little tune, and bang the results into a Monkey game with ease. The Monkey game will then nicely play along the music without needing to have gigantic MP3s everywhere to store the music. It also nicely loads it in the background, too. Woot!
I can also make further tweaks to the engine, as time goes on, so expect things like interactive background music, or maybe even a music-based game or two!!

The future possibilities are intriguing to say the least.

Hopefully it holds up!!

You can Download JMTracker here and have a play about with it.
If you generate anything nice with it, let me know! Send me a picture

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