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You bring the levels, I'll bring the game..
  20th November, 2009
This week, I've decided to try something a wee bit different.

If you're a fan of previous AGameAWeek games, you'll notice that I'm more than a little crap at designing levels.
It's a slight issue, but one that I've never bothered to care about.
Usually, any games that NEED levels will include a built in level editor. And folk who like the games will spend minutes trying to make one, and that'll be half the fun.

The trouble with this theory, of course, is that half the time, nobody will ever send those levels back to me.
I've got LOADS of games in the archive that have editors, and have had a whole 20-or-so levels submitted in total, all apart from JNKPlatDS08, which seemed fairly popular in the level making area and even managed to get about 50-or-so levels all on it's own!!

So.. About 70, then, total, which given that I've made 4x more games than that, is a rubbish total.

Which brings us to this week.

Over at GBATemp, I've set them a challenge.
I have 1 week (until Sunday, in fact) to recreate Munky Blocks on the DS.
They have the same time to make me some levels using the PC edition, else nobody gets the game!

It's a fantastic little idea, which brings a whole community of little level makers into the fold.
So far, 10 whole levels have arrived, which is blinkin' marvellous considering the previous totals.

With a whole weekend to go, I'm sure there'll be much more to come.
Or at least, I hope there will, anyway.

I just have to get the game done by Sunday! eek...

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