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AGameAWeek Gold - Space Monkeys 5
  19th March, 2013
As we continue through our adventures of old crappy games, we'll occasionally trip over the odd one or two that wasn't even part of AGameAWeek.
In fact, today's game-from-the-archive outdates AGameAWeek by a good few years.
Good grief, this game's actually nine years old!

*tests the game*

And it still works!-=-=-

2004 - Space Monkeys 5

Help the insanely hyperactive Space Monkey stay safe from the invading Magic Chickens of Doom!!
A story in four parts.
This game plays a lot like The Heist, in that it's a story with scenes, and it all plays based on the pushing of your mouse button.
It's not quite as good as The Heist, but then it's quite a bit older, too.

Blimey. March 2004!!!

You can Download Space Monkeys 5 here for Windows only, because it's old and I didn't do multi-platform coding that long ago!

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