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Y5:W31 - Puzzobomb Endless
  30th July, 2013
Although this week seems like a quick re-use of old sprites, I can assure you that they are in fact a completely different set of sprites!!

Brand new Puzzobomb sprites, ready for an all new Puzzobomb game!
But before I tackle the lengthy process of making a whole bucketload of levels, let's see what it's like without any levels at all...-=-=-

The idea is simple. Drag the blocks around the arena, and match 3 or more together.
Occasionally, little Bomb blocks will fall. You can either get rid of those the normal way, or alternatively hold one down until it explodes.

The game hasn't exactly turned out as well as I'd hoped, but it is at least something a little playable, and fun.
Still, once I bother to build up a more complete Puzzobomb title, this will be added in as a secondary mode, so there'll be something to keep you occupied once you've run out of levels. (Which won't be too long, knowing my lack of level building!!)

Anyway, for now, it's a fun little game.
I could easily, and will probably, add more to it in the future, so if you've any thoughts or suggestions, post them below.

You can Download Puzzobomb Endless here for Windows, Android or play it in your browser with HTML5.
If you're on Android, you can also grab it from the GooglePlay Store here.

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