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Y5:W33 - Blockaid
  13th August, 2013
An extremely rapidly cobbled together game, this week.
If you've been following me on Twitter, you're probably expecting a nice swirly glowing awesome shooty thing.

.. Tough, this isn't it!


I focused, so much, on getting my new awesome shooty thing working, that when it came to Sunday night and I needed to make a decision, I opted to do the silly thing..
Rather than finishing off a fairly feature-complete game, and releasing it as AGameAWeek, I've chosen to hold it back a few weeks until it's properly finished, and release it as a more awesome game.
You can read about that, here.

With a deadline fast approaching, and absolutely nothing half-complete in my jumbled mass of indev folders, I opted to make one of those crappy piddly little AGameAWeek-Classic style games that we all know and love!

Guide the ball around the arena, collecting the green blocks. Each block scores you the number currently displayed, the faster you grab it, the more you earn.
Along the way, Blockades appear to thwart your travels, and there's even our old friend Mr Spike who decides to join in after a while. .. You know what to do with those!

Um.. Yeah, that's pretty much it.
Sorry this week's game isn't super-awesome-mega-brill. It was cobbled together in less than a day, and it pretty much shows it!

You can Download Blockaid here for Windows, Android or HTML5. A GooglePlay link will also be up later. I haven't got around to that bit, yet!

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