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  15th August, 2013
Coming up is a game that I've been building up over the past week or so.
On August 27th, I'll be releasing the wonderful game BlastTrax.
The game started well enough, but soon spiraled out of control as I realised it was much better than the quick experiment that it started life as.

Rather timely, too, as it means I can release it as #300.
But, what exactly IS #300?


Simply put, this will be the 300th game that I'm adding to my Jayenkai Archive. The Archive contains games that I've created, which should still be playable in one form or another.
There are Nintendo DS Homebrew games which require either a proper DS with a Homebrew cart, or a decent Emulator to run on the PC.
There are PlayMyCode games which will only run in the browser.
There are a few J2ME games which ought to work, if you can find anything that runs J2ME games!
As well as those, there's around 250+ games for Windows.

Over the years, I've amassed quite a library of games, and on August 27th, I'll be uploading the 300th game into the collection.
Is this my 300th game? No! I know for a fact that I've got a few more games over at PlayMyCode that I never added to the archive, that I've got some finished Windows games I've never bothered to add to the collection, and there's even my pile of unfinished prototypes that really should go somewhere.
I've also not included anything Pre-Windows, so all my DOS stuff, Amiga games, and Amstrad CPC bits and pieces are currently unavailable.
I'd like to add some of these, but doing it in an easy to access method is a pain... .. and I've not yet figured out a way to transfer my CPC stuff!

One day I'll add all of the old stuff, and bulk the collection up a bit.

But, for now, we'll celebrate an arbitrary worthless number, which doesn't really count because it's actually wrong, and I know it!

August 27th 2013 - The 300th Game in the Archive!

Join me for the festivities. It's probably going to be great, maybe!!

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