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Alrighty, Next!!!
  20th January, 2010
The Linux test has worked on one test system.
The Linux test has NOT worked on another test system.

And that's all the replies I've had.. Not a whole lot of feedback there.

The broken version appears to have been entirely audio related, so I'm going to have to peek into BlitzMax's audio options today, and see what I can/can't do inside Linux, and otherwise shove in a few failsafe methods incase of broken audio.
(I'd rather fix it, than just declare it "Not working", but if that's what I have to do, then I guess that's that.)

Then I still need to sort out that dang titlescreen, and fix up the 7 or 8 other things in my todo list.
Seems we'll be having another test game, this week.
No matter, so long as it's something.

Hmm.. What game to do...?

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