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Not Quite AGameAWeek, yet!
  29th September, 2013
September's over, and I've had a lot of fun bulking up BlastTrax, and playing GTAV!

The plan was, come October, I'd get straight back to business.
I'd upload BlastTrax's big update, and then start doing AGameAWeek again.
The reality is slightly different, for two main reasons.

One, as per usual, is "Bloody Apple, Grrr!!!"

Because iOS 7 is now "out there" and is the main OS on all my iOS devices, it means I can no longer quickly compile things easily for iOS6 for test purposes, which means I need up update XCode to do iOS7 stuff, and that leads to all manner of other complications.
If you hunt around the Monkey forums, you'll see folk are having all manner of iOS7-based-XCode issues with Monkey.
It's going to be a tricky task to get all of this stuff up and running, so, although BlastTrax's update is pretty much ready to go, it's kinda stuck in a rut until I can figure all of this stuff out.
Sorry about that!
Shouldn't be too long a wait, but .. grrr!!! Bloody Apple!

I've started another "BIG" project.
Could've started this a few weeks ago, but, no.. As per usual I left it right up until the last minute!
I've started to make Sheep Goes Right, and so far it's kinda working nicely.

The game's coming together fairly rapidly, but still needs a whole frontend, and level structure. I'm not entirely sure what style I'll be going for, this time around, and am currently trying to figure out how I can achieve GameCenter compatibility, whilst simultaneously allowing for loads and loads of levels.
Limits are tricky, sometimes!

Anyway, lots to do, plenty of sprites to draw, and maybe I might get around to AGameAWeek some time shortly, too!

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