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Where's My AGameAWeek!?
  8th October, 2013
Sorry folks, I appear to have gotten bogged down with Sheep Goes Right.
Although I figured it'd be a nice simple little project that I could work on "behind the scenes", it's once again proved that I never can plan ahead!!
Sheep Goes Right has now become a much bigger project, and as I'm currently working on a way to make level building easier, I'm having to deal with all the testing that goes with it.
I'd forgotten how much time proper level building actually takes up!!

Anyway, between this, and playing lots of GTAV and Transport Tycoon on iOS, as well as creating music for AL, and fixing up little minor unnoticable things on Socoder, I've not really had much time to get back into the AGameAWeek swing of things..
But I'm leaving that "Back in October" sign up at the top, in the hope that I'll manage to get back to things by the end of the month.
*fingers crossed*

See you all soon!

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