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Y6:W17 - Platdude in Space
26th April 2014  
Journey with Platdude, as he leaps from planet to planet, in this epic universal quest to get some nice shiny gems.


Having missed a week, due to over-coding, I then inexplicably crammed this week's game into just a couple of days! As a result, this game's turning up before the weekend, as opposed to after it.
Aw well, who's complaining!?!?

This game is a bit of a mashup between Mario's Fiery Forth and Hoppy Bobby, in that it's all based on big rotating circles, and you hop on top of the constantly respawning bad guys.
There's not a lot of progression in this game, and you might find it a little bit overly repetitive after a while, but if you're just after a little bit of highscore-based action, this is a fairly decent place to start!

I might add to this at a later date, but given my track record of never actually doing that, it's fairly doubtful!
If you've any suggestions, pop them in the comments.

You can Download Platdude in Space here, for Windows, HTML5 and OUYA. It's currently not touchscreen enabled, so there's no Android edition just yet, but I might add that over the weekend.. We'll have to see how it controls, first.

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New games every week!
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