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Y6:W29 - ChuckABall
  28th July, 2014
Chuck a Ball.
Hit the wall.
Watch it fall.
Beat them all!


A nice and simple little game, this week, but with loads of levels to get through. 100 levels, each with 10 rings to collect, as you launch your ball from the top of the tower, and watch as it makes it's way down to the bottom.

In all truth, this is a fairly simple little game, but I actually enjoyed putting it together, and .. With a little artistic talent (*cough*) I get the feeling this might be something more significant.

As per usual, if you've any suggestions, be sure to stick them into the comments.

You can Download ChuckABall here for Windows, or play it on OUYA or even in the browser via HTML5. Hurrah!!

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