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So, I Upgraded the Server...
  20th August, 2014
You might've noticed odd outages and curious tweaks and changes over the course of the last week..
Last Wednesday I decided it was finally time to upgrade the server, and the switch went "mostly" smoothly. There were quirks along the way, and the Wordpress didn't enjoy the shift at all.
I've spent days trying to reconstruct the AGameAWeek blog using various bits and pieces, from raw database sql, to having to redraw bits and pieces..
As well as all of that hassle, I've had to completely move everything from one server to another.
It's been a "bit" of a hassle, if I'm honest.

.. Although, my self-coded Jayenkai Archive made the move without so much as a single complaint, which is nice.

This took up most of my coding schedule between Wednesday and Friday.
As a result, I had to rumble together a super-quick game, and so over the course of just Saturday and Sunday (2 days!) I fumbled about making a Tower Defence engine, before reversing the player roles, and finally drawing some nice graphics.
To say that the game turned out nice, is a bit of an understatement.


The game is currently sitting pretty on GameJolt's frontpage, and has had an alarming nummber of plays. It currently has a rating of 3.6/5, and most people seem to like it (although they're mostly wondering why it has 3 movement speeds.. hmm... Future enhancements, perhaps?!)

It's a lovely game, and I'm glad it's turned out to be popular.

... Not bad for 2 days work!

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