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Y2:W35 - Munky Blocks (dx)
  8th September, 2014
It's time to revisit the world of Munky and his many colourful blocks.
Take control, and match three!


A remake of a classic AGameAWeek game, this week, as I figured it was about time that I tackled touchscreen based platformer controls. It's turned out .. alright..
Well, it's actually turned out a lot better than I was expecting it to! I was half imagining a terrible set of onscreen buttons, but I've tweaked and rejigged until things felt more natural.
It's still a bit "Not quite right", but it's entirely playable without any buttons on the screen at all, and that's a good thing. .. I think!
.. maybe!

No matter, the keyboard controls are still working just fine, as is Gamepad support for anything that can handle it.
In all, it's a fairly capable little engine, and it'd be nice to expand upon it.

You can Download Munky Blocks (dx) here for Windows, or play it in your browser in HTML5, Grab it on Android, or if you wait until tonight it should show up on OUYA, too, review dependent..

I was going to attempt Windows Phone, this week, but I've been pulling my hair out with the quirkyness of it's IDE! Maybe next week..?


No Editor

I'll be honest, I've been lazy, and have been using the original game's editor!!
I should probably make a new one, but trying to design a level editor that makes use of only a controller (for OUYA), but also touchscreen/mouse, and also works in loads of different resolutions and aspect ratios, is annoyingly complicated.
I also couldn't quite figure out the best way to let people add level titles, their own names, and other such details. So.. um..
... Yeah, I kinda gave up trying, if I'm honest.
Hopefully I can figure all of this out, before I come to doing JNKPlat, because that DEFINITELY needs a level editor!!

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