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Y6:W40 - Platdude in A Bit of a Spin
  30th September, 2014
A new spin on an old favourite. Can you guide Platdude through a series of completely random mazes!


This month, Platdude's heading back to his Slot Machine, and giving things an alternative play.
The game is much the same as JNKPlat Slots (and/or the JNKPlat Slots within Arcade Slots) but this time I've reversed the rolls.
Rather than just have the player hit the "Spin" button, this time you get control of Platdude, and have to guide him through the maze.
Simple to control, just the cursor keys, and a whole lot of luck.

Bonus Feature : Collect 10 blue spheres for an extra life!

You can Download Platdude in A Bit of a Spin here for Windows, or play it in your browser. OUYA edition should hopefully be available tonight.. maybe..

Android edition will be available .. in the future....
.. maybe..

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