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Socoder Newsletter #045
  5th March, 2010
I don't usually repost this here, but. What the hey!

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Socoder Newsletter

"Best viewed in Peiplum"

#045 - 5th March 2010


Hello all

The worst thing about writing AGameAWeek is that

horrible lack of feedback.

If you spend 6 months writing a game, and get only

one bit of feedback, that's enough to depress you.

If you write a game a week, you also get very little

feedback, except the lack of feedback happens every

single week!

You write a game, nobody cares, rinse repeat.

If I wasn't already nuts, this'd quite easily send

me over the edge!

Currently Listening To...

Old Amiga Mods!

In the Workshop

Your last remaining life..


In the Shoutbox..

Onions, Castles and Days of David.

In the Mudchat





and not bothering..

Join in, it's occasionally fun!


Read Post$

The clue's in the topic number

I don't think anyone got the reference..


BBC catches up

Proper games are going down the crapper, and "indie"

is leading the way forward. Why? Because "indie"

games aren't all FPS!


The big Portal thing..

1. Valve update portal.

2. Odd things are hidden ingame.

3. Big mysteries afoot.


Accidental clickage

Windows 7 shoves a great big "Turn it off" button

in your face!

What do you do?!



Afr0 wants to know, what exactly is needed in order

to get your games published on Steam?


Repeat : Until GameOver

A whole bunch of new games, every single week!!

Socoder Games

Jump (Pio)

A simple little rope hopping game. Not amazing,

but does show off how small FreeBasic can get things

down, filesize wise. The Linux and Windows exe's

both fit inside this tiny little 135kb zip file.


Ted Bob in a Mario Costume (Jayenkai)

Whereas this one's a wee bit bigger, and has to have

two different downloads for Windows and Linux!


Hop on the hens to score big combo points.


Scramble (Longarm)

A neat little word finder game. Not a lot of people

seem to like word games, but I love 'em. They can

really soak up the hours!


Moshboy's "Missed" Games

SlumLord27/Moshboy's been busy this week!!!

Gotta Play 'em All!

#9 - Mysterious Floating Something

UFO Abduction game!


#10 - Between Heaven and Hell

Very Flashback like!


#11 - Tripline

Simple but complex puzzle game.


#12 - One More Time

Single screen platformer, a bit like Timeslip!


#13 - Yum Yum

Slowpaced shooter with little ants, or something!


#14 - Mujeo

One of those "Click things in a certain order" type

of games, where doing things in the right way will

earn you more.


#15 - The Yore

An isometric adventure game! Oooh!


#16 - Outrage

A classic side-scrolling beat-em-up!


Pixel Prospector's Games

Authentic Kaizen digs for more freeware gold.


Xeno Fighters ex-r

Fantastically arcadey shooter.


Proun Beta

I can't describe how neat this game looks!




A Tower Defence type of thing, but without the

stationary towers!


Choke on my Groundhog, you Bastard Robots!

More Timeslippery, this time in Shooter form.


Sword of Legends

An RPG Platformer.


Goto Links

Pokemon remade in Garry's Mod (HoboBen)

Much funnier than I expected it to be.

Sometimes the sillier things are just better!



Noel has decided that he wants to make a Browser for his

Android phone..

He's starting with a nice thumbnail based tab system,

and is currently implimenting that first.

The Design


The Test


Good luck!


DBF's "Liquid" Compo

April 10th is coming quickly. That's only 4 WW's or

AGameAWeek weeks away! Yikes! Better hurry up and

get your Liquid Demoes in to DBF if you want to win!


PlaySushi's "Adventure" Compo

There might not be anything new to write here, but

notice how I at least bothered to try!

Stupid lazy GameDev newsletter.



Is my stupid ranting a weekly feature now?


OK, lets complain about stupid filesizes, then!

Last night, Longarm tried to post his Scramble game, but

it alarmingly shot up to 20+Mb because he was trying to

shove a bunch of MP3s into the zip file.

Don't do that!

Mods are neat, they're small, and they repeat to create

the illusion of much longer music.

You don't need full symphonies!

In this day and age, folk would be much happier to click

a link and play a browser game, so we all have to keep

things nice and small.

No silly installers.

No big downloads.

Just a nice little zip with a game in it.

People are happier if they can download it quick, unzip

it, play it briefly and then throw it away into the

recycle bin once they're done.

And don't get me started on "Death from Above"


The author of the 26Mb game included a 15Mb wmv file,

the sole purpose of which was to generate a nice

backdrop for the title screen.


Lovely game, mind.. Gotta love Jetstrike!

Be The Rant

Want to vent off to the two or three people who bother

to read the newsletters each week?

PM or Email me your rants, and I'll start popping them

into futurenewsletters!

Let them feel your rage!!

Random Youtubeyness

Rant #2

I rarely listen to modern music anymore, but even I'm

sick of this bloody song..




End of


Load, Next List

Sign up, it's fun, and weekly, and written!!

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