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8th November 2014  
Ok, so, I need a new archive.
It's been a good number of years since I originally created the Jayenkai Archive, and although the software's lasted through a fair number of rethemes, and a fair number of enhancements over the years, it all still pretty much has the exact same issues that it did on day one.

All of the new uploads go into a single directory. With over 330 games in the archive, and a lot of those containing different versions for Mac/Linux/Android/other, there's a whole lot of files in a great big pile!! Screenshots, icons, and other bits and pieces also get dumped into this epic folder of chaos!

I could do with neatening that up into either alphabetical folders or yearly ones, as well as uploading easily accessible .apks for Android and OUYA editions, and also uploading html5 versions in the event that GameJolt suddenly rejects a whole bunch of my stuff. (Or worse.. ... Actually starts charging to host them!!!! Eeerk!!!)

Along with this, I'd like to integrate the Music Archive, allowing me to easily link tunes to games, and vice versa.
I could probably maybe even have a Doodle Archive for all these silly pictures that I've been doodling lately, although I'm not 100% sure that's important.... But then, having an Art Archive would mean I can easily pop my new PaperArcade images up somewhere.

Essentially, I'm going to have to create an entire Content Management System, which lets people easily find the things they need, and also suggest other things that they might be interested in. It's been bugging me for some time that my Archive doesn't have a quick "here's a more recent/better version of the game you're looking at" sort of thing. People are forever clicking on NeonPlat, RetroRaider, TinyAss and Microbes, but all those have sequels or alternative editions that are being ignored. Hmmm..

Things that aren't in the current archive.
Genre. All those games, and not a single Genre selection, anywhere!
Proper Tags. The current tags are a bloody mess!!
Characters. For finding recurring characters. Currently works based on the broken tags!
Series. So you can find all those randomly titled editions of Centipong!!
Language. Can you believe that I don't actually have languages listed??!
Bugs. Known bugs/issues with the games.

I'll also have to spend time making icons, logos, new screenshots and other such things for each and every game in the archive. Each game will also need to be tested, too, to be sure it even still works in the first place!!

To be honest, this is going to be a HUGE undertaking.

I'll first be finishing off the Advent Collection, and then making a start on this. (Or maybe juggle both at once, as I tend to do!). Most of December will probably be as silent as the past couple of months have been, as I try not to rip my hair out, and get as much of this into working order as I can.

Stay Tuned!!

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